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Behavioural Advice

Training a pet can sometimes be difficult and requires a lot of patience and discipline. At some point during the process you may feel you need professional advice and guidance. Our team of trained behavioural specialists is available to help you.

Why should I come to you?

There are many good reasons to ask for help about your pet’s behaviour. First of all, our team can advise you and give you tips about training your pet, including housetraining, teaching basic commands, living with young children or with other pets.

You can also consult us if your pet starts acting strangely or aggressively and you can’t get them to stop, despite all your attempts. Here are some examples of situations where a consultation may be helpful for you and your pet:

  • Your pet starts acting aggressively with people or other animals.
  • Your pet starts showing signs of anxiety (constant whining and barking/meowing, hiding, excessive licking, etc.).
  • Your pet starts destroying things.
  • Your pet stops eating or being housebroken for no apparent reason.
  • Etc.